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Trimbos Moldova is the local organisation of TRIMBOS Institute of Mental Health and Addiction from the Netherlands. Since 2014, it implements the „Support for the Reform of Mental Health Services in Moldova“ Project.

In the premises of the local project implementation unit, located on University str. 26V in Chișinău, are conducted workshops and training courses for the medical staff intended to equip them with all the required tools for the provision of mental health services at high-quality standards, following the Flexible Assertive Community Treatment methodology.

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Communication and anti-stigma advisor

To support the reform of mental health services in the Republic of Moldova, The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has mandated the Trimbos Institute, the Netherlands Institute for Mental Health and Addiction in partnership with Luzerner Psychiatrie,  Romanian League for Mental Health, and Netherlands Institute for Health Services…
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INTERVIEW with the psychologist Raluca Nica, the Romanian League for Mental Health: „Any patient suffering from diabetes may develop a depression, as a potential complication“

1.000 family doctors and primary care nurses will be trained in order to enable them efficiently manage the mental health disorders of their patients. Psych. Raluca Nica, the Executive Manager of the Romanian League for Mental Health, told us about the experiences of family doctors in Romania, as well as…
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INTERVIEW Dr. Rene Keet: ”There is no health without mental health. The mental health is part of the family doctors activity”

Dr. Rene Keet, the medical director of the Community Mental Health Service at GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord (The Netherlands) and an expert of the ”Support for the Reform for the mental health services in Moldova” project talked with us about how the new methodology is applied in the mental health comunity centers…
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